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Erin Erler ~ Owner/Cake Artist


Erin is a self taught cake atist who started by making cakes for her kids and family.  Her son has a severe nut allergy so the bakery is 100% Nut Free!  In 2010 she found herself making cakes from her home for a growing list of customers while also working at her childrens school .  With more orders coming in than she could handle, her and her sister decided to open up a shop to accomodate

all orders. 


In October 2010 Cakes by Erin opened it's doors to the public!  Erin has  made multiple appearances on national and regional television including Phantom Gourmet, Food Network Challenge, she brought home a victory on Food Network's Sugar Dome, competed on Cake Wars for DC Comics, Halloween Wars Season 6, ,and recently won on her episode of Winner Cake All .  She has had the pleasure of making cakes for such celebrities as Adam Sandler, Seth McFarlane,  Conan O'Brien, Bret Michaels, Florida Georgia Line, Zac Brown Band, Kenny Chesney, and all of the Boston sports teams and their charities!  Cake is her passion! 


Erin is also the resident nerd, loving all things Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Star Wars, LOTR and many more.  Now, if we could only get her to stop talking about them ALL the time!   If any of these theme cakes need to be made, Erin calls first dibs.  Rock out with your nerd out!


Christine Barton ~ Cake Artist


Christine joined us in March of 2015 as an intern from Johnson & Wales.  After her internship was over we had to keep her on as our buttercream and fondant cake artist!!!  She's THAT amazing!  She holds her degree in baking and pasty arts from JWU.  Her dream is to become the next Ron Ben Israel or Duff Goldman of the cake world. 


Christine has a love for all things Disney which is fitting because she is just like a Disney Princess herself.  She loves to sing all day in the shop and has been known to have local animals walk or fly in to help her decorate her cakes.  

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Erin H. ~ Cake Artist


Erin H joined the CBE team in September of 2019 after getting her Associates in Baking and Pastry at Johnson & Wales in 2015, and then working as a cake artist for 4 years post grad.  She truly prides herself in her buttercream work and custom cookies but loves every opportunity she has to get her hands in some fondant! 


Besides her passion with cake art, she also has been a part of the color guard community for 12 years now: most recently as a captain of a world class independent winter color guard.  Aside from cake and color guard, give her any opportunity to talk about what she loves most and she will go on about the Red Sox for hours on end.  


“The other Erin” is always excited to do anything that comes her way, but she gets most excited for orders that are centered around Friends, Winnie the Pooh, the Red Sox, or buttercream florals! Her favorite part of this industry is being able to be a tiny part of so many important celebrations; so she is always up for the challenge of designing and creating the perfect cake (or cookies!) for everyone she can.  

Alena ~ Baker


Alena started with CBE back in November 2011 as a high school intern. Soon after, graduating Greater Lawrence Technical High School with her Culinary Arts & Hospitality certification. Alena went on to receive her Associates Degree in Baking & Pastry Arts, as well as a Bachelors Degree in Culinary Management, both from Southern New Hampshire University. 


Never straying too far, Alena has been a CBE staple on-and-off throughout the years, always ready to lend a hand. She can't get away even if she tried! For CBE, she is a jack of all trades, assisting everyone as much as she can with various projects. Her job description includes, but is not limited to; Social media guru, customer whisperer, cupcake elf, baking wizard, you name it!


When not at CBE, Alena is currently a food service director for a national catering company. She is a self-proclaimed foodie, lover of art, and nature addict. Her obsessions include Gudetama, Alice in Wonderland, Lord of The Rings, Game of Thrones, and all things Disney. Changing and growing with CBE is exciting, and she can't wait to see what the next decade brings. 


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